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TransAquatis® trademark use benefits from the French research project Aéroptère.

This research program during several years consisted first in acquisition of the scientific and technical knowledge specific to WIG crafts. To reach this objective, numerous calculations and trials (scaled models, flight simulator) are completed sustained by government and private funding.

The second step was to define our own architecture, taking into account all the positive points we obtained from research associated to the experience of our project leader Éric MAGRÉ, coming from both aeronautics and marine culture. Moreover, our work during these past years was done in collaboration with our first customers and also regulation authorities to guaranty an accurate answer to commercial or military needs. For example, to answer to the safety requirements explained at the end of the chapter MAIN PRINCIPLE & BENEFITS, all TransAquatis WIG Ships are twin engine. This feature allows finishing the mission even in case of one engine inoperative (OEI Mode). The TransAquatis WIG Ships are designed around this strong requirement and offer a real advantage on competitors in terms of safety.

This second step is now completed and we are today able to design new WIG ships providing the ultimate in terms of performances and safety.  

3D Fluid dynamics calculations for architecture optimization